Picture me

Hello! My name is Jane. I have a love for graphic design and illustration, packaging design and crafts. I graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design, with the focus on visual and interaction design. But my creative interests go beyond the digital world.

As a child I always thought drawing and tinkering were the best things in the world. It was always so rewarding to have a little idea in mind and being able to turn that into something tangible, after putting in a lot of time and effort. And I still feel the same about it, whether I'm making a logo or building furniture. Sewing, cooking and working on interior design in and outside of Google Sketchup is also my cup of tea! In short, I'm happiest when making things.

On this website you can find a selection of the projects I’ve done, in a variety of media including paper, pixels and ketchup.

Want to work together? Just contact me via contact@janelam.nl